In this assignment we were required to evaluate our school in terms of technology use and installation, based on the criteria list in the Maturity Model Benchmark.  We were also given the option to work alone or in a group.  I completed the spreadsheet evaluation for Sand Dune Middle School (Pseudonym) and my partner, Erin Okazaki, completed most of the summary of each field.  At the end of this post, you can find the ratings and the summary.

I found this assignment to have clear criteria to allow me to be as fair as possible when rating my school.  In some ways I felt inadequate in rating certain criteria because my experience with the school is so limited, however, I felt that even from my position I could observe many aspects of technology in regard to practice and attitude of the school administrators, teaching staff, parents, and students.  Therefore, I am fairly confident of my rating.

In terms of AECT standards, this assignment would serve as the beginning point of  three domains, Utilization, Management, and Evaluation.   All of these domains address planning criteria that would require any institute to make such an evaluation before they further implement utilization and management of a technology plan.  However, the Evaluation domain is where this assignment stirs up more value.  Specifically, this domain focuses on evaluating school process of technology use.  Below is a list of criteria taken from the AECT standards, which I feel are addressed with this assignment.

  • 3.0.1* Assess, analyze and design a media facility for optimal use and functionality to support contemporary educational goals of the school media program.
  • 4.0.3* Develop a collaborative working relationship with school administration and staff which results in a strong understanding and widespread use of the school media program.
  • 5.2 Criterion-Referenced Measurement
  • 5.3.3* Use a variety of summative and formative assessment techniques for the evaluation of the school media center and for the school media program.

School Survey and Evaluation