This week in my project based learning class we began to plan a project that can be applied to a group of students.  My classmate, Aaron Dore and I began to put our heads together to see if we could create a cross cultural project.  He first began with the overall idea of having students research supply and demand.  As I began to share with him some of the cultural and societal differences in Saudi Arabia, compared to living in the USA, we began to see unlimited possibility to collaboration ideas that can be done between students from both cultures.  So we set out to see what we can accomplish.

Fortunately, these projects slowly unfold, discovering all the enrichment that is waiting for the teachers and the students.  Aaron and I were full of ideas and potential, but piecing them together in the jigsaw of purpose would soon become a rather big task.  During this assignment, the professor asked us to make a driving question and sub questions that will support the goal and efforts of our students in this project.  As I began to piece together an appropriate driving question with the subsequent sub questions, I discovered that our project will probably need to be narrowed down to a more specific focus.  As I already mentioned, there are many ideas, but focusing them to a clear outcome is still up in the air.  As Aaron and I continue to collaborate, we will explore ways of making are project and questions more precise and focused.