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Mr. Dann Mosteller
9th Grade English Teacher
King Faisal School
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Supply and Demand

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This forum is where you will access important resources and instructions for completing assignments that are related to supply and demand and inter-cultural collaboration.  The activities and assignments have two primary goals (objectives).

  1. You will develop research skills while learn about supply and demand, which is the topic you will discuss with other students in other countries.
  2. You will practice your communication skills in a real world cross-cultural situation.

Before we start the main activity, it is important that you are familiar with some basic concepts of supply and demand.  Use the following resources to help you complete one of the tasks that follow.  You must complete at least ONE of these tasks.

  1. Read Simple Economics: Demand and Supply Affect Gas Prices by Trevor Shipp of Financial Nut.  This article clearly explains the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the USA as it relates to supply and demand of petroleum products.  Re-read it as necessary to complete the following task.
  2. Watch Real World Economics – Simple Supply and Demand by Blessed_Hope in Daily Motion. This 15 minute video gives excellent information about the relationship of supply and demand and how it is affected many factors such as  costs, quantity, producers, the government, and the consumers.
  3. Read halal_market_pathfinder_en of Global Pathfinder Report of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.  This report informs about international distribution of halal food markets, which distribute primarily to Muslim consumers because of religious and cultural regulations about acceptable types of foods.  This is a growing market and distributors a working hard to meet the demand.

Food For Camping Trip

This activity will require you to collaborate online, meaning you will be communicating with other students using the internet.  In addition, you will be interacting with students from another country. Here are some guidelines for communication in this cross-cultural platform.

  • This communication will be seen in public places, where other students and the teacher can see.
  • It is important that your communication is appropriate for the activity.
  • Because of the 8 hour difference in time zones, your communication will be written (if this is a problem please contact your teacher for an alternative).
  • Personal questions and written conversation are allowed, but the primary purpose of the forums are to complete the tasks in the assignment link below.
  • Because this is a cross-cultural discussion, sensitive issues, like religion, should not be part of the discussion unless it relates to personal choices, for example,  prohibited food.
  • For more information about appropriate online behavior and the teacher expectations, watch the following video.

For Instructions Click on the Link “Food For Camping Trip” (There are a total of 10 slides)

For those who would like to hear the teacher’s description of this assignment you can watch this video.

To respond to both tasks in this activity, go to the appropriate forum below:

Final Assignment

Now that you and your cross-cultural partner have completed both tasks of the “Food For Camping Trip” assignment, you will have one more task to work together to complete.  Follow the instructions below:

  1. The teachers will create a new blank presentation for you and send it to both your e-mails. Together you will make a full presentation while using the comment section of the presentation. Click on this link if you need help for using Google presentations.  Both you and your partner will have access to edit the document by adding information from the list of tasks at the end of these instructions.
  2. Choose one food product from either lists that you and your partner wrote for the “Food For Camping Trip” assignment, the product has to have a label.  Look for the distributor information on the label as a starting point for your research.  See step #3 for more information.
  3. Research:  The research of this assignment is what is most important.  For tasks 3-8 listed below, you will need to search for information or even go to your local supermarket to ask the shipping manager or the store manager.  For each slide you should use the following guide to explain how you did your research.  Even if you can’t find the information, explain your research and how you tried to find the correct information.
      • Where did you search for or find information?
      • How many places did you look for the information?
      • How long did you look for the information ?
  4. When your team finishes the presentation, click “share” to copy the link and paste the link in the comment section below (See tutorial).  Only one partner will copy the link to your presentation in this page. Below the link write your name and the name of your partner.
  5. The presentation should have one slide for each of the the following tasks (1-10).  You and your partner can divide these tasks so that each of you don’t have to do all of them.
    1. Title, Names of Student Partners, Name and Picture of the product
    2. Name of the company and name of the distributor (Sometimes the company and the distributor are the same, but many times they are different companies, especially for foods distributed internationally)
    3. Where was the food produced, prepared, and packaged?
    4. How was the food shipped to your country or state?  How long did it take?
    5. How was the food delivered to your local store?  How long before the workers put it on the shelf?
    6. How many other similar products are at your local store?  How much do they cost?
    7. How much is sold per week or per month?  How does it compare to similar brands of the same product?
    8. How do the distribution and price of the product or similar products compare in both countries?
    9. Student A written reflection: Describe the process of researching the tasks that you completed, or, describe the effect of supply and demand on this product in your region.
    10. Student B written reflection: Describe the process of researching the tasks that you completed, or, describe the effect of supply and demand on this product in your region.

Don’t forget to copy the link to your finished presentation below.

See the Asynchronous Lesson Rubric  by Dr. Kerry Rice For a list of AECT Standards covered with this assignment.