Food For Camping Trip

Saudi Student Forum

For task 1, This forum is where the Saudi students will post a comment with their food list for the camping trip.

For task 2, the Michigan students will use this forum to review the list and later post a reply to their partner.

Food For Camping Trip

This activity will require you to collaborate online, meaning you will be communicating with other students using the internet.  In addition, you will be interacting with students from another country. Here are some guidelines for communication in this cross-cultural platform.

  • This communication will be seen in public places, where other students and the teacher can see.
  • It is important that your communication is appropriate for the activity.
  • Because of the 8 hour difference in time zones, your communication will be written (if this is a problem please contact your teacher for an alternative).
  • Personal questions and written conversation are allowed, but the primary purpose of the forums are to complete the tasks in the assignment link below.
  • Because this is a cross-cultural discussion, sensitive issues, like religion, should not be part of the discussion unless it relates to personal choices, for example,  prohibited food.
  • For more information about appropriate online behavior and the teacher expectations, watch the following video.

For Instructions Click on the Link “Food For Camping Trip” (There are a total of 10 slides)

For those who would like to hear the teacher’s description of this assignment you can watch this video.