The following paragraph and link give important tips for professors to inform their students, regarding their e-mail communication

So what is a beleaguered professor to do about the barrage of poorly written, sometimes incomprehensible, and often “urgent” emails that assault her daily? We suggest that faculty members provide students with a primer on email etiquette at the beginning of the semester. Make it a separate handout both to highlight its importance and to ensure that it doesn’t end up buried in the course syllabus.Numerous netiquette guides can be found online, but two specifically geared toward academia are particularly helpful. The following suggestions are drawn from “Email Etiquette-Adapted for Academia,” provided by Herb Mattord at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, and from “Email Etiquette Netiquette,” compiled by David Tuffley at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. We have supplemented their lists with some additional pointers of our own and encourage instructors to provide students with these guidelines at the beginning of the semester:

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