This week’s reflection is for me to consider my own position and experience with regards to educational technology.  The following questions were suggested by the professor.

  • Where are you now, in terms of your own teaching and professional practice and the inclusion of educational technology in that process?

Now that I am starting my second year of the Master’s of EdTech, I really have taken off in many ways for applying technology to my lessons.  Furthermore, I am in a professional teaching situation that has allowed me to go outside the box, meaning I don’t really ask permission for many of the things that I do, and there are no clear policies that I am overstepping.  Last year, I set up my own class web page, which was a WordPress blog.  I required students to post there.  I also added a Facebook page and group so the students could have better communication with what I expect, but I did not require students to sign up.  This year, I am requiring all of my students to have Google accounts.  I have a project that an EdTech colleague and I have planned that will require our students to communicate and complete assignments together.  My students will be required to do many things online this year.  My goal, is to prepare myself for online teaching opportunities in the USA as early as the next school year.

  • What kind of change do you hope to see as a result of this class?

First of all, I hope to become more knowledgeable about many topics in education, especially as they relate to best practices and technology implementation.  I don’t know if I will be in the position of a policy maker some day, but I will need to be well informed for guiding and recommending educational policies.  Also, I have been able to take something from each course that I can use almost immediately in my teaching, so I hope that this course will also offer the same.

  • How might your knowledge and experiences influence the actions of those around you?

The question seems simple enough, but I am not sure if it is talking about my students and colleagues that are physically present day after day, or if it is referring to my course colleagues that are around in a virtual sense, since this is an online course.  I suppose I can answer both perspectives.

My students and colleagues have already felt the influence of my educational training.  I have other colleagues that are trying to adapt to some of the same technology tools that I have used, and the students have had a variety of assignments based on application of technologies that I have used in my courses.  I expect that will continue throughout this semester.

When I think of my virtual colleagues, I am not as certain of my influence.  Sometimes I wonder if I am regarded as the “wordy” colleague, because my posts seem to be longer than many others.  Also, when I respond to other posts, I will look at it with a critical eye and make comments accordingly, so I hope I don’t ever rub my colleagues the wrong way.  However, most of my colleagues recognize my unique insights and abilities, and one of my classmates from another course has partnered with me so that our students will enjoy a cross cultural project.