Please reply to this post by choosing the most appropriate answer:

For you, what is the most tedious part about doing a job search?

  1. Collecting all your data (references, certificates, transcripts, etc.) to make a good presentation (digital or print).
  2. Searching for potential job opportunities, reading through the generic sets of teacher qualifications.
  3. The lengthy process of filling out the same personal and professional information on multiple webpage applications.
  4. Waiting for anyone to contact you regarding a potential job opportunity.
  5. Sitting through multiple interviews, and trying not to answer in any manner that would make them reflect poorly on you.

Hi, I am Dann Mosteller. As you probably have already figured out, I am in the middle of a job search. Using the list above, I am approximately on #4 at this point. So when you reply to this, please take a moment to offer your general encouragement or any helpful advice.  Perhaps, a little more information about me would be helpful.

Here is a brief word picture about my life: grew up in Oklahoma, lived in Mexico, met my wife there, taught in Texas, taught in Kuwait, now teaching in Saudi Arabia.  While living in Kuwait (2010), I sought out an Boise State EdTech program, because I was interested in taking my teaching career to the future.  I started the program in Fall 2011, around the same time I moved to Saudi Arabia to teach.  I will graduate this year in December, so not only have I become quite familiar with online learning,  but also, I have enjoyed it exceedingly and excelled in education unlike at any other time in my life. 

My wife and I will move back to the USA this summer so she can begin to pursue her goal of studying a masters.  The program that she wants to study is in Texas, but here’s the good news: I am a Texas certified bilingual (English/Spanish) teacher, I have 11 years experience teaching ELL students, I have 2 years experience teaching IB, and I am about to complete a EdTech masters degree with 2 specialty certificates.  The down side is, it won’t impress anyone if no one takes time to look at my profile.

As I read through the syllabus for this course, I was really drawn to this idea of “evaluation”.  I know there is much more to it than high-stakes testing or teacher evaluations, but these are powerful attention-getters in current US, K-12 teaching.  Fortunately, I am not currently in the US, and honestly I have enjoyed the reprieve from high-stakes testing.  Additionally, during this semester I should have a lot of freedom to implement any type of evaluation procedures with my students.  Currently, I am teaching 9th grade English (Language B-MYP).  Another advantage that I have is that I’m teaching the same group of students that I taught last year in 8th grade English. 

I would like to leave you with my my ideal job situations: 1) working with a group of Spanish speaking middle school students who have been brought up in a bilingual or dual-language learning environment, developing their academic skills through technology integration.  2) teaching a high school Spanish class either in an online or mixed learning environment.  3) Working with ELL learners of all ages, with the freedom to integrate 21st century skills into the lessons.  Eventually, I would like to help any institution to integrate powerful technology tools or to develop online (mobile) courses for their students. 

Here is my professional showcase.  Spread the love, and don’t forget to leave me a bit of encouragement or helpful advice.