This was more like a case study.  I responded to the questions below about a partnership between a university and a software company.

  • What are the benefits and limitations of an evaluation?

In this scenario there are two entities that can benefit from the evaluation, but there are possible limitations too.  The Maricopa Community College District (MCCD) is wanting to enrich the learning experiences for the students.  The evaluation  provides them with options to measure student engagement or the effectiveness of content delivery; either provide credibility to their institution.  As stated in the case,  Cashflow Technologies, Inc. can also benefit from an evaluation of the use of their products in education, which can be added in their markenting ploy to expand the sales of their product.  However, since this is a new partnership, it means that there will be learning curves for implementing the new resources, and of course, there is the possibility that the resources are not as effective as they hoped.  The evaluation budget seems limited to sustain a long-term evaluation of the programs effectiveness for trainging future course instructors.
• What factors ensure that an evaluation will be successful?

Nonetheless, many measures are taken to ensure the success of the evaluation.  First of all, the evaluators are external and they have been provided with a budget.  They also have been given access to the sales information of the product and student performance data from MCCD.   The team is also encouraged to make individual and group contact with the students and instructors.
• How might one use evaluation results?
The evaluators must report their findings.  Even though it does not specify who the evaluators will report to, the most obvious stakeholders from the MCCD would be the head of department for economics and finance  or even the dean of students.  They could use the result to increase popularity and demand of the delivery system.  From Cashflow Technologies, the CEO or division manager, and the sales director would benefit from the positive results of the evaluation because it helps them to promote the product.  Through the evalution process, some of the flaws with the resources can be detected, and the quality control team could benefit from the results so he can manage an improvement plan on the product.