We are half way through the EdTech 505 course and I feel like I am beginning to get some traction under my feet so I can move ahead.  The whole concept of evaluation is a bit abstract, especially when it comes to setting up an evaluation.  However, I have become more comfortable applying my understanding an actual project in which I am involved.

. What can be improved to make the course more valuable for you?

I appreciate the broad approach to discussing evaluation because I feel that it broadens me as an individual, however, in the beginning it is more difficult to grasp because most of my mental energies are within the field of education.  Since the concept of evaluation spreads into many fields, it is hard to conceptualize when the examples come from other fields.  I believe it might have come to me a clearer and faster, if I had seen examples specific to education, or even more specific to the content area in which I teach. 
. What should be kept as is?

The structure and order of assignments have helped to bring more understanding along the way.  Even though it was daunting in the beginning, the course content is laid out in such a way that helps to organize pieces of the evaluation project at appropriate times.
. What has proven most valuable to you so far?

The assignments have helped me to organize my thoughts.  Often, at the beginning of an assignment, I did not have a solid direction or vision of what I wanted to accomplish.  These assignments have helped me process the pieces to form a vision.