It’s official now, I am a web designer.  Today, I completed my first ever web design assignment in my ED TECH 502 Course, Internet for Educators.  For the last few months I have had the Dreamweaver CS5.5 software on my computer, but I never ventured there to try to figure it out on my own.  Thanks to the excellent instructions in the reading materials and the instructional videos provided by the professor, I was able to work my way through it.  Yes, Dreamweaver can be overwhelming, but they provide so many features that makes it much easier for people like me, just starting out.

Fortunately, I had an excellent start last semester in the ED TECH program.  I feel that I have come a long way since then.  I am no longer as shy about putting things out there on the web.  I also saw bits and pieces of formatting language used in web design, as we set up this learning log and I learned how to embed content.  However, I know I have a long way to go.  I just wanted to stop and mark this milestone in my ED TECH journey by showing the finished project of my first web page.  I know it is simple now, but by putting this image up, later I will see how far I will have gone and see where it all started.

According to the course syllabus, this assignment accounts for the following AECT standards

  • 1.1.3.b Demonstrate personal skill development with at least one: computer authoring application, video tool, or electronic communication application.
  • 2.3.2 Design, produce, and use digital information with computer-based technologies.
  • 2.4.5 Develop effective Web pages with appropriate links using various technological tools.
My First Web Page Design Assignment