Cold feet, sweaty hands, butterflies in the stomach, and dry voice.  As you can see, I am stepping up to the mic on this world stage and challenged by my potential audience.  Can anyone, anywhere really see what I have to say?  This question provokes two other extreme questions: Does this make me vulnerable to mockers and evildoers?    Will I be asked for an autograph or followed by paparazzi the next time I am out shopping?  The best response I can offer myself is “Not Likely”.  So with the best of hopes and good intentions I am diving into the world of bloggers.

My name is Dann Mosteller and I recently began an online Master’s Program in Educational Technology from Boise State University.  My first course, Introduction to Ed Tech, gave me this assignment in the second week: Create a blog and Introduce yourself.  In the following paragraphs I will outline my background, academic goals, and career prospects.

I have been working in teaching for over 10 years, in 2 different languages, and in 4 different countries.  I am most experienced in teaching English or Spanish to second language learners.  In teaching, I have developed skills for communication and academic development.  Over the years I have noticed many trends in society and how they affect education, and I have seen how the education system has struggled to progress or adapt to these trend, especially in technology.

Both self interest and necessity led me to seek out the Ed Tech program.  While in many different teaching scenarios, I began to imagine how I could apply technology to my lessons and pupil development.  Whether it be lack of resources, support, time, or lack of knowledge, I often found myself very limited in what I could do?  I also noticed that the traditional classroom, though having advantages, also has many disadvantages for learners.  In the Ed Tech program I saw a way for me to prepare myself  for using technology in the classroom and/or beyond.  Also, I needed a program that I could do online.  In this way, I can continue to teach in a foreign country and at the same time I am learning through the same method I hope to use for teaching.

The future of education has a lot of potential and I want to keep in stride.  My own education has taught me that throughout history, the ones that have progressed and developed in technology have had an advantage over those that have relied on past technology or even rejected newer technologies.  I see a transformation happening in the way schools produce and people learn.  Therefore, I do not want to be a teacher left in the dark ages.  I am not sure what the future holds, but I do believe that this approach will open more opportunities for me.  I also have the added benefit of applying English and Spanish across cultures and expanding my educational qualities throughout the world.  Coupling this skill with Ed Tech will greater benefit me in my life.